Why choose Grove?

Grove's Venue Concierge Saves You Time

Securing the right date for your wedding or event is as crucial as the venue itself. This process can take countless hours searching, asking advice, and emailing with multiple venues.

With Grove, rest assured that we work diligently to not only expand your venue search, but also confirm availability. We ensure that you know your options, and feel confident that your chosen venue is free for your special day.

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Updated Venue Availability

Grove works in a friendly and professional manner to find you up-to-date venue availability.

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Expanded Venue Outreach

Working with Grove is like having your own team of assistants finding you more venue options.

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Custom Specifications

Our database includes unique venue descriptors to help you find locations that align with your preferences.

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How Grove Helps

It can take months for engaged couples or event hosts to find a venue and date. This involves countless hours searching, consulting others, and hundreds of emails with venues.

Grove's venue concierge team does much of this for you. We expand your search options and share date availability. Let us help!




Avg Hours Saved

Let grove Save you time

Discover and secure a perfect event venue without having to tirelessly communicate with multiple locations. Grove saves you valuable time, expands your options, and helps you secure an ideal date and location.

Let's Get Started

What our Customers SaY


Grove customers continue to provide us with valuable feedback and enjoy working with our venue search coordinators.

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Saved us so much time!

We’re both very busy people and don’t have the time to go back and forth with venues to try to figure out which ones were available for our dates. Grove’s service was exactly what we needed. They saved us a bunch of time by reaching out to venues on our behalf and getting their availability and cost, capacities etc. We were able to shortlist and visit only the venues that fit our criteria which saved us a lot of time and stress.

- Ellie B.

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Helped us narrow down!

Instead of spending our weekends researching venues, Grove helped us figure out which venues were available and best suited for our needs. We narrowed down quickly and was able to book our dream venue in no time!

- Shirin K.

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Grove was a lifesaver for us

We needed to find a great venue without breaking the bank, and they delivered. After we gave them our wedding info, they got back to us within a week with venues that were available for our dates. We were able to quickly compare prices and amenities which made it easy for us to decide on a place. Our wedding day was beautiful, and the best part is that we stayed within our budget. Thank you!

- Aaron S.

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Fit our budget!

Finding a venue that fit our budget and still looked amazing seemed impossible until my friend recommended Grove. They made it so easy to find a beautiful place while staying within our budget. We are so grateful for this service!

- Mei C.

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Great customer service

The team at grove went above and beyond to help us find the perfect venue. They always took our feedback during the entire process and believe me, we were kinda picky about where we wanna get married. We felt supported throughout the process, and our wedding venue was everything we hoped for.

- Bridget C.

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Made it less stressful

Grove made find our wedding venue so much easier than I imagined. With so many options out there, I felt kinda lost until I used their service. They were able to quickly give us a list of venues that were available for our preferred dates. Which made it easy for us to pick the ones we wanted to book. The whole process was pretty quick and stress free.

- Gracie W.

Grove in action

How it works

Grove works in three simple steps.

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Step 1 > Select your ideal region and preferred dates.

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Step 2 > Provide budget and venue preferences.

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Step 3 > Get matched with a venue search concierge and let Grove get to work on your search!

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What's Next? Your personal search concierge will communicate with venues, and share results with you!

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Simple, Transparent Pricing

Wedding Season Rate


Expert venue search concierge who saves you time and provides ideal options.

  • Time-Saving: Grove handles the tedious research and email exchanges for your venue search.
  • Personalized Results: Curated venue recommendations tailored to your preferences.
  • Transparent Availability: We verify available dates to provide you with more options and peace of mind.

Professional Event Planners

Contact Us for Annual Pricing

An affordable option for professional event organizers in need of venue seach technology and partnership.

  • Expansive Venue Searches in Preferred Cities (Multiple)
  • Transparent & Updated Venue Date Availability
  • Introductions to Preferred Venues to Hold Dates and for Onsite Visit Scheduling
  • Access to Newly Released Client Management Technology for your Business

Save countless hours

Let Grove do the work finding you more venues that match your preferred dates.


Most Common Questions

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How long will it take to see venue and date options?

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